Beloved/disliked: Carolina Panthers

Here are the results of your voting for the most beloved and disliked figures in the history of the Carolina Panthers.


MillsBeloved figure: Sam Mills

Reader comment: "Most beloved is definitely Sam Mills. Sam was an incredible leader and his passion fueled the team as a player and a coach. The community lost a special person when Sam passed." --- Justin, Charlotte, N.C.

Runner-up: Jake Delhomme. Mills won by a pretty wide margin. But the interesting thing here is that Delhomme initially was getting a lot of votes in the disliked category. After we reported some of the early results, Carolina fans really stepped up to support Delhomme.


PeppersMost disliked: Julius Peppers

Reader comment: "I decided on Peppers. I have lived in NC my entire life. I watched him in college (as a Duke fan pulling against Carolina) and as a pro. I was very excited when the Panthers picked him with the #2 pick. However, I hate the way he didn't always try. I also hate the manner in which he left the team. As a fan who buys game tickets, jerseys, stuff with the team logo, etc. I feel that I helped pay his 1,000,000 a game salary. I think my Panther-fan brethren and I deserved better from him. (If he only had Jake's loyalty...) " -- -Adam, Mill Spring, S.C.

Runner-up: Kerry Collins. Peppers pretty much ran away with this, but Carolina fans showed they have strong memories by not forgetting what Collins did in the early years of the franchise.