'Radio' to appear at Carolina camp

The Panthers just sent out their official training camp schedule and it has an interesting new twist.

They’re going to host “Monday Night at the Movies" on the first two nights of training camp. After their Aug. 2 practice wraps up at about 6:30 p.m., they’re going to show “Radio" on the hill overlooking the practice field. I’d give more specific directions if I knew how, but let’s just say it’s the only hill overlooking the practice field and one of only a few hills in Spartanburg, S.C.

“Radio" brings a bit of a local touch. The move is about James Kennedy, who, despite some challenges, became the longtime manager for the football program at T.L. Hanna High in Anderson, S.C., which is a short drive down Interstate 85 from Spartanburg. Kennedy and Harold Jones, the coach who worked with Kennedy, will be available for a meet and greet prior to the movie.

On Aug. 9, the Panthers will do the same thing and the movie will be “The Blind Side’’. It’s about Baltimore tackle Michael Oher. He’s obviously going to be in camp with the Ravens. But Carolina rookie defensive end Greg Hardy, who played with Oher in high school and college, will be in attendance.