Grosjean: Halo announcement was a sad day for F1

Is Halo right for Formula One? (2:16)

Jennie Gow and Sam Collins talk at Force India's factory about how Halo will affect the cars in the 2018 season. (2:16)

HUNGARORING -- Romain Grosjean has labelled last Wednesday's announcement that Halo will be introduced next year as "a sad day" for Formula One.

Grosjean has been strongly opposed to Halo since on-track testing of the cockpit protection device started last year. He believes it still has limitations and there are some aspects that have not been fully considered ahead of its introduction in 2018.

"Personally I think it was a sad day for Formula One when it was announced," he said. "I am still against it, I still don't think it has a place in Formula One. As a GPDA [Grand Prix Drivers' Association] member and director, and a driver, I need to thank the FIA for all the research.

"The Halo is a strong device against a lot of cases. There are occasions where it can get worse which I am not particularly a fan of. There a few problems that we may have that we haven't thought about. Seeing the starting lights on the grid, no one has tried that, they are always different. Seeing flags on the side and things like that, we need to see a bit more of it.

"I was surprised when I saw it was coming out because the teams say no, the fans say no, the drivers mainly say no and it came out, so it was a bit of a shock so that's why I said it was a sad day for F1. I don't want to stop the safety research, because I think it's great, and since 1995 evolution has been crazy-good, but hopefully we'll get better solutions to what we have now."

Last year all drivers tested a prototype Halo on their car at some point during a Friday practice session, and while most drivers agreed it did not impact visibility, Grosjean said it had a negative impact when he tested it at Interlagos.

"I guess you get used to everything in life, but hopefully I don't get as bad as I was in Brazil because it got me pretty sick," he said. "You are trying to focus with something in front of you all the time, in the middle. I don't know, my eyes kept coming together, it was a bit strange."