Headed for the Georgia Dome

BUFORD, Ga. -- Since the traffic is probably the only thing I don’t like about Atlanta, I’m going to start making my way down toward the Georgia Dome now in hopes of getting there before the worst of rush hour gets started.

A couple of broadcast notes: First, I’m scheduled to do a phone interview with SportsCenter at approximately 4:20 p.m. ET. Then, I’ll follow that up at about 4:45 with an interview with Atlanta’s 680 (AM) The Fan.

Once I get settled into the Georgia Dome, I’ll check in to see what the other NFC South coaches had to say in their Monday media sessions. I’ll also work ahead on some stuff for Tuesday.

Heck, I might even have enough time to check the Facebook pages of all the replacement officials, just to make sure none of them are Atlanta or Denver fans.

As we get toward the evening hours, I’ll focus in on the “Monday Night Football’’ game between the Falcons and Broncos. I’ll get you the inactives about 90 minutes before kickoff and will weigh in if there is any pregame news or notes.

We’ll be doing our Countdown Live chat once the game starts and I’ll have Rapid Reaction right after the game and a full column a little bit later.

Meantime, I’ll leave you with a little suggested reading:

  • In this radio interview, Atlanta coach Mike Smith says he hasn’t noticed a change in quarterback Matt Ryan. A lot of people are talking about the “new’’ Ryan after his superb performance in Week 1. But I think Smith is right. Ryan hasn’t changed. He’s always been a hard worker, a leader and a good quarterback. People are just thinking he’s more than that now and he may be. But it’s not because he’s changed. It’s because the Falcons have surrounded Ryan with so much talent and they’ve brought in offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter to run a system that suits his quarterback’s skills very nicely.

  • And check out this radio interview in which Denver cornerback Champ Bailey compares Atlanta receiver Julio Jones to a young Terrell Owens. In terms of athletic ability, I think that’s a fair comparison. But I wouldn’t compare the personalities of the two. I’ve yet to see any of the “diva’’ attitude out of Jones that seems so common among Owens and many other big-name wide receivers.