Preview: 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia'

ATLANTA – I just got into the Georgia Dome and had a preview of the “Monday Night Football’’ opening song waiting in my mailbox.

It’s a revised version of the 1979 “The Devil Went Down to Georgia’’ song by the Charlie Daniels Band.

You can see the full lyrics here. But let me share the first few lines with you because I think they’re pretty entertaining. Obviously, Daniels has changed the words to feature Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan and Peyton Manning.

Here you go:

Peyton went down to Georgia right out on the Falcons’ home field

He was in a bind cause in the back of his mind he knew Ryan was the sho-nuff deal

The boy said my name’s Matty and it might be a sin

But I’ll make you a bet that you’re gonna regret cause I’m the best there’s ever been

Good stuff. But I will tell you this. I know Ryan fairly well. He has an inner confidence, but he’s probably the last quarterback in the NFL that would ever claim publicly he’s the best there’s ever been.

Again, those are Daniels’ words, not Ryan’s. But, as I pointed in this column, this game gives Ryan an opportunity to really improve his perception on the national stage with a good performance and a victory.