Dan Klecko might have home in Atlanta

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- One guy I’m going to keep an eye on during the rest of my time with the Atlanta Falcons if fullback Dan Klecko.

I noticed him in this morning’s session, but it wasn’t really because of anything he did. It was more because I’m so used to seeing Ovie Mughelli as the only fullback that matters in Atlanta. But I think that could change.

Let me be clear: Mughelli’s job as the starter is very safe. But I think there’s room for Klecko. Right now, he’s the only other fullback on the roster. The mere fact that the Falcons have Klecko listed as a fullback and have given him No. 49 is significant.

It all means that the Falcons are serious about using Klecko exclusively as a fullback. That’s been an issue throughout Klecko’s career. In stints with New England, Indianapolis and Philadelphia, nobody ever really decided if Klecko is a fullback or a defensive lineman. He’s bounced back and forth between the two positions (and also had one brief stint as a linebacker) and never has had a chance to master either.

The Falcons signed Klecko in the offseason and I think he’s here to be more than a training-camp body. I think he could get some time as a short-yardage blocker. At 275 pounds (31 pounds heavier than Mughelli), Klecko has the potential to tie up defenders.

One other thing to keep in mind is Klecko originally was drafted by New England in 2003. Atlanta general manager Thomas Dimitroff was part of the New England front office back then. Dimitroff knows Klecko well and wouldn’t have signed him if he didn’t think he could help at fullback.