Let's work on this project together

Chat regular and loyal reader Mark H. in Greensboro, N.C., brought up a potentially good idea toward the end of Friday’s NFC South chat.

Here’s what Mark H. had to say: "IDEA ALERT HERE PAT: Most hated player in team's history for each team in the NFC South."

All right, this needs some polishing and parameters and I’m reaching out to help you set them. First off, let’s go with the phrase most “disliked’’ player. We have rules about staying on the high road here and I’ve got a hunch the bosses in Bristol probably would frown if we used a word stronger than disliked.

I asked fans for some early samples and here’s some of what I got.

  • Ray (Orlando): Mark's question easily for Carolina its David Carr

  • Stevie (Texas): Carolina would have to be (Julius) Peppers at the current moment haha.

  • Chad (Las Vegas): Dave Wilson for the New Orleans Saints. One of my first memories of the Saints is him throwing a backwards pass (not on purpose) to the N.E. Pats for them to score a TD.

  • Zach (Florida): For Atlanta Bobby Petrino

All, right, those are ideas and Zach’s mention of Petrino makes me think we should make coaches, general managers and owners eligible. Now, some questions for you: Should we make the time frame the entire history of all four teams in the NFC South? Should we simply start the clock at the creation of the NFC South in 2002? Should we go only with current figures?

I’m also thinking we really need you to focus solely on your favorite NFL team and pick the figure you dislike most. In other words, I don’t want to turn this into something where Atlanta fans say they dislike Drew Brees or Tampa Bay fans say they dislike Steve Smith. That’s a formula for unnecessary ugliness.

So let’s keep it to guys from teams that aren’t liked by their own fans. It’ll be up to fans to pick who they dislike most and I’ll ask for your votes. Soon enough. But before we really get this ball rolling, send me your thoughts on the questions about parameters that I mentioned or feel free to send in any ideas or issues I might not have thought of to my mailbag.

I’ll sort through your ideas and come up with some firm parameters. Then, I’ll do a post where I announce those parameters and ask for your votes.