Cam Newton still listed as No. 2 QB

In the last little bit, I’ve received releases from the Panthers, Falcons and Buccaneers about their preseason games this week. The Saints haven’t sent one out yet, but they don’t play until Saturday, so they’re not required to put one out until tomorrow.

NewtonNewtonEach of the releases contains an unofficial depth chart for the second week of the preseason. I saw no major changes for Carolina, Atlanta or Tampa Bay. But, like I said, the depth charts are unofficial in the preseason and, in some cases, they’re guestimates by the media relations department or conservative lists given out by coaches.

But there’s one situation I’m very curious about. That’s Carolina and the quarterback position. Jimmy Clausen still is listed as No. 1 on the depth chart with Cam Newton at No. 2. But, like I said in this item Sunday, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Panthers go ahead and start Newton this week in Miami.

I’m not saying they’re ready to anoint him the opening-day starter just yet. But he and Clausen are definitely in a competition. When you have that type of situation, it’s not unusual for a coach to give each candidate a start to see how he responds with the first team.

Will Ron Rivera start Newton against the Dolphins? We don’t know yet, but we could find out soon. Rivera and the Panthers just hit the practice field a few minutes ago. Rivera generally meets with the media after practice and I’m sure one of the first questions he’ll be asked is which quarterback will start this week.

Rivera doesn’t have to answer that just yet, but he’s a pretty straight-forward guy and I’m guessing he’s already made a decision. We should find out what that decision is in a couple of hours.