Quick hits around the NFC South

Posted by ESPN.com’s Pat Yasinskas

A few quick hits before I get started on a column analyzing Carolina’s quarterback crisis.

First, on the Carolina front, we can report that the Panthers have at least done some exploratory work on A.J. Feeley. Not saying yet they’re going to sign him because the Eagles also are interested, but his name’s on the list for now. Also, the concern with Carolina backup quarterback Josh McCown is more with his injured foot than with his knee. He’s being examined by Dr. Robert Anderson, who is part of the Panthers’ medical staff and is known as one of the nation’s top foot specialists.

Next, the Falcons re-signed fullback Verron Haynes, who they released last week. They also released defensive back Glenn Sharpe from the practice squad.

Finally, Saints coach Sean Payton said he’s heard no update on the possible suspensions of defensive ends Will Smith and Charles Grant. He said the Saints will continue with their normal preparations and leave any decision up to the league.

"We’re not in a position to push," Payton said. "We just wait. It’s something that is entirely in their hands. With that being said, we just have to plan with what we know we have right now and then react if something different happens. That’s going to be our approach for this week as well."