Monday deadline to Call It on draft needs

Just took a look at the current results in our Call It polls for draft needs for the Buccaneers, Falcons and Saints.

No huge surprises. Defensive end is the runaway leader for the Bucs. In fact, that’s the position that’s currently in the lead for the Falcons and Saints. But the lead for defensive end isn’t nearly as dramatic with Atlanta and New Orleans.

In fact, the vote on the Saints’ top need is very close between defensive end and outside linebacker and the winner could go either way. With the Falcons, defensive end has a healthy lead, but wide receiver is at least within striking distance with another good day of voting.

Speaking of that, we’ll shut down the polls Monday at 5 p.m. After that, I’ll provide analysis on your voting for each team.

If you haven’t done so already, please vote by Monday afternoon. Here’s the link for the Bucs’ poll. Here’s the link for the Saints and here’s the link for the Falcons.

Carolina fans, don't worry. You're not being overlooked. We already did your Call It poll and it took on a different format than these three. With the Panthers holding the No. 1 overall pick, we didn't have to limit it to just positions. We asked you to vote for the actual player the Panthers will take. Your answer, by a pretty large margin, was Auburn quarterback Cam Newton.