NFC South programming notes

We’re inside the two-week mark until the NFL draft and that means some busy times, despite the NFL’s labor lockout.

We’ve got a pretty full schedule from now right through the NFL draft, so let’s give you a little preview of what’s coming.

Our weekly NFC South chat will be held Friday at 1 p.m. ET. Here’s the link.

Soon after I finish with the chat, I’ll be chatting with The Fabulous Sports Babe on ESPN Tampa Bay. That’s 1040 on your AM radio dial in Tampa Bay. If you’re not in Tampa Bay or don’t want to turn on the radio, you can listen live by clicking here. We're scheduled to chat at approximately 2:20 p.m.

We’ll continue the Power Rankings series Tuesday with the cornerbacks. I haven’t seen the results of the voting yet, but I can tell you I included two NFC South cornerbacks on my ballot. I’ll be the one writing the story on our Power Rankings for quarterbacks the following Tuesday. I’m thinking three NFC South quarterbacks might show up on my ballot. I haven’t really crunched the numbers yet, but I’m thinking one of those NFC South guys might split the almighty top-two duo of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. We’ll see what I decide, but I’m thinking this guy has won a Super Bowl more recently than Manning and I think his stats over the last three or four seasons stack up pretty well.

We’ll conclude our Draft Watch series Thursday with dream scenarios. In the case of the Carolina Panthers, I’m thinking that means Andrew Luck suddenly decides he wants to enter this year’s draft and gets a court injunction to make him eligible.

Speaking of the draft, I’ve got my ticket for Charlotte, where I’ll be spending all three days of the draft. Obviously, the focus is on the Panthers because they have the top pick, but I’ll be monitoring and analyzing the picks for all NFC South teams from the media cave that lies deep within Bank of America Stadium.