Talib missed escalator, others hit big

A 2010 suspension for a violent incident with a cab driver cost Aqib Talib up to $2.8 million in salary this season.

According to contract numbers obtained by ESPN.com, Talib’s suspension automatically kicked in a forfeiture of an escalator that could have paid him up to $2.8 million in 2012. Talib still is scheduled to earn $1.853 million this season.

Talib also is facing a trial on an assault charge in Texas later in March. Talib could face the possibility of prison time or suspension by the league or the Buccaneers.

While Talib missed big on his escalator, some other members of the Buccaneers have hit big on their own escalators. That will eat into early reports that had the Bucs heading for the start of free agency with around $67 million in cap space.

Quarterback Josh Freeman kicked in a $5.5 million escalator by meeting certain playing time and statistical requirements in 2010. Freeman now is carrying an $8.545 million cap figure for this season. He also already has kicked in a $7 million escalator for 2013 and that number could end up going as high as $9.455 million if he meets more escalators this season.

Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy earned a $5.1 million escalator based on his 2010 performance and now is carrying a $9.443 million cap figure for 2012. McCoy also has kicked in $6 million in escalators for 2013 and $7.7 million for 2014. McCoy still can earn an additional $8.44 million in escalators over the rest of his contract.

Cornerback E.J. Biggers earned an $875,000 escalator with his 2010 performance and is carrying a $1.455 cap figure this year.

Receiver Sammie Stroughter earned a $435,000 for this year based on his 2010 performance. His cap figure for this season is $1.012 million.

Defensive tackle Roy Miller earned $805,000 in escalators based on his performance in each of the last three seasons and is now carrying a $1.563 million cap figure.