NFC South mailbag

Lloyd in Baton Rouge, LA writes: I just wanted to say I disagree with who you chose for the Saints in the bloggers mock draft. I personally don't like Carlos Dunlap for his work ethic. I think Everson Griffen or maybe even Daryl Washington out of TCU would be better picks and not much more of a "reach" than Dunlap.

Pat Yasinskas: Lloyd, as you well know, you’re more than welcome to disagree with me. It’s what makes the world go round. Dunlap was my pick in that mock draft, which is only a mock draft. The only draft picks that matter for the Saints are the ones that Mickey Loomis makes.

Adam in Columbia, SC writes: Is there any chance the Panthers make a move for Osi Umenyiora?

Pat Yasinskas: That question is coming from a lot of fans and there are logical reasons for that as word comes out of New York that Umenyiora could be on the move. Umenyiora is a proven pass rusher and that’s something the Panthers don’t really have. He also has spent his career with the New York Giants. He and John Fox weren’t there together. Fox left for Carolina the year before Umenyiora joined the Giants, but the defense remained pretty similar. However, I have not heard anything concrete that would lead me to believe the Panthers are pursuing Umenyiora. He’ll turn 29 in November, which isn’t old in most places, but it is pretty old in the big picture of what the Panthers seem to be doing. I don't think you'll see Fox or Marty Hurney parting with any of their draft picks.

Josh in Flowery Branch, GA writes: You made my week with that story about Demaryius Thomas possibly coming to Atlanta. I'm a huge GT fan and Falcons fan and I would love to see that move. What are the chances that actually happens?

Pat Yasinskas: I think it’s possible Thomas gets to stay in Atlanta. But it’s going to depend largely on what happens with the 18 picks in front of the Falcons. I still think defensive end Brandon Graham would be the choice if he’s still available and I could also see the Falcons going with a linebacker like Sean Weatherspoon. But, if those guys are gone, I could see the Falcons going with Thomas. The need at receiver isn’t as big, but there still is some need. The Falcons didn’t send their top four personnel guys to his workout just for the heck of it.

Will in Roswell, GA writes: I know Jason Pierre-Paul is an exceptional athlete and he would be a tempting pick if he was there at 19 when the Falcons pick. But his lack of production scares me. He reminds me exactly of what Jamal Anderson was coming out of college. A physical specimen who has a lot of upside and not a lot of production. So I think the Falcons need to stay far away from JPP.

Pat Yasinskas: Yep, those thoughts definitely crossed my mind when I was making Atlanta’s pick in our mock draft. I really wanted to take Graham, but he was already gone. I went with Pierre-Paul because he was the best pass rusher available. Yes, there are questions about how legitimate he is after playing only one season at a major college and that may scare the Falcons off. We’ll see how it sorts out Thursday night.