Fantasy love (and hate) in the NFC South

Fantasy football guru Matthew Berry has a lengthy list of players he loves and hates and the NFC South is represented in both areas.

Let’s start with the guys Berry doesn’t like because I think that list is more interesting, simply because it’s got some very big names. Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan and tight end Tony Gonzalez are the first two names on the list and New Orleans running back Reggie Bush also makes an appearance. I get Berry’s points on all three and we’re talking only in terms of fantasy value. However, I’ve got a hunch he might be selling Ryan short. Berry’s going on the premise the Falcons are a run-first team. That probably will remain true to some degree, but I see the Falcons throwing a bit more this year. Coordinator Mike Mularkey needs to make some tweaks to play to Ryan’s strengths.

Berry’s list of guys he likes includes New Orleans running back Pierre Thomas, Atlanta running back Jason Snelling and Carolina running back Jonathan Stewart. No argument here on any of those. Thomas probably will get more touches than Bush. Snelling will be backing up Michael Turner and Stewart will be sharing carries with DeAngelo Williams. But Snelling and Stewart are going to get a good share of the carries near the goal line.