Undrafted rookies trickling in

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

There's a line in one of the "American Pie'' movies where the character "Stifler'' utters the famous quote, "Like it matters?''

I often think of that on the day after the draft as teams scramble to sign undrafted rookies. The reality is teams are going to sign several hundred of these guys and somewhere between 10 and 20 of them will actually be on rosters at the start of the regular season. But, hey, there always if that chance, so we'll throw some names out there.

None of the NFC South teams have sent out their official signings yet. But we reported some Carolina signings earlier and here are some links to some other reported NFC South signings.

The Falcons have reportedly signed Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson and a bunch of other guys you've never heard of.

The Saints have signed UCLA quarterback Patrick Cowan and Western Illinois running back Herb Donaldson and a few other guys.

Here's a Carolina list that contains some updates to the previous report. By the way, the Panthers probably have guaranteed themselves a Super Bowl title by signing Penn State's Anthony Scirrotto and Gerald Cadogan to join Dan Connor -- I'm only saying that because I'm wearing a Penn State hat as I type this.

The Bucs reportedly have signed cornerback DeAngelo Willingham and some others and invited even other guys for tryouts at their rookie camp.

Again, these moves are being reported by various media outlets. There sometimes are some last-minute changes with some of these moves. As soon as any of the NFC South teams officially announce their signings, we'll pass them on.