Saints release Bobby McCray

Here’s a move that’s a bit of a surprise. The New Orleans Saints just announced they have released defensive end Bobby McCray.

A starter much of last season after Charles Grant was injured, McCray seemed to have a secure roster spot. But the Saints brought in Alex Brown and Jimmy Wilkerson as free agents after releasing Grant. But, apparently, the Saints decided McCray was too much of a luxury. He’s a one-dimensional player -- mainly a pass rusher and he hasn’t produced a lot of sacks.

Brown and Wilkerson are better against the run and both are decent pass rushers. The Saints also have Anthony Hargrove who can play defensive end or defensive tackle. Will Smith is set as the other starting defensive end, but the Saints are likely to let Brown, Wilkerson and Hargrove compete for Grant’s former job.

The Saints also waived cornerback Glenn Sharp.