Tony Dungy staying classy

The Tampa Bay Times has a great story about former Tampa Bay coach Tony Dungy that really won’t come as a surprise.

It’s vintage Dungy.

Back in February, he bumped into a car in a church parking lot and left a note with his phone number. The owner of the car didn’t see any damage and told Dungy so. But the coach-turned-broadcaster said he still didn’t feel right about it and wanted to make amends.

The owner of the car is a teacher at Pride Elementary School, which happens to be just a couple miles down the street from NFC South Blog headquarters. She offered a compromise to Dungy and it played out Thursday.

Dungy came to Pride and talked to students as part of the Great American Teach-In. Dungy, who moved back to Tampa after he stopped coaching the Indianapolis Colts, always has been active in the community. Education is something that's important to him because both his parents were teachers.