Film of the NFC South chat

Let’s take a look at the team-by-team highlights from Friday’s NFC South chat:


Tyler (Athens,Ga): Pat Why don't the Falcons just use Jacquizz Rodgers all the time? He is a much more exciting, hard runner than Michael Turner.

Pat Yasinskas: Don't think you want to see either one all the time. They've got two different styles and, in theory, should complement each other.

Al (Wausau, WI): Pat, yesterday I looked at the Falcons' remaining schedule for this season, and it did not look very difficult to me. Which of their remaining games do you think will be the most difficult for the Falcons to win?

Pat Yasinskas: Obviously, the Giants game is the big one. But, even how things have played out this year, I think the two Saints games could be interesting. The two teams don't like each other and Saints will come to play in those games.


Mitch (NC): If Carolina's new (old) offense proves successful now that they have had two games to actually work on it, could it save Chud or Rivera's job? Or do they get fired for wasting a quarter of the season on the spread offense?

Pat Yasinskas: Think they've got a chance to stay, but only if they win some games and show consistent improvement down the stretch.

Chris (NC): What was the determining factor to choose Stewart over Williams in Car? Do you think Stewart will be great or merely OK as he has been for quite some time now.

Pat Yasinskas: Think that once Hurney was out, Rivera went with the guy he liked. While Hurney was there, I think there was at least some pressure to play the guy with the bigger contract.


Matt (tupelo) [via mobile]: What happen to bunkley all we heard from the "experts" was a great signing especially for the run defense?

Pat Yasinskas: Apparently, Saints aren't feeling so great about that one. The rookie is now starting ahead of him.

Yone (New Orleans): The Saint's Defense is loaded with former 1st and 2nd round draft picks yet the unit as a whole is horrendous. Do these guys just fail to meet individual expectations or is it more the coaches fault?

Pat Yasinskas: In at least some of those cases, those guys were drafted to play Gregg Williams' defense, which is a very different style from Spagnuolo's.


AJ (Oakland): Did the Bucs get enough in return for the Talib trade. Despite his issues, he is worth more than a 4th rounder right?

Pat Yasinskas: Be very happy with that. I think that's a good deal for Bucs. Alternative was letting him finish season, letting him walk as a free agent and get nothing in return.

AJ (Oakland): Freeman seems better than last year, but still isn't where we thought he's be after his breakout season a few years ago. What's holding him back?

Pat Yasinskas: Let's wait a bit on that. He seems to be progressing, but it's still a new offense and coaching staff that he's getting used to.

Here’s the complete transcript of the NFC South chat.