More answers to NFC South questions

We gave you an NFC South mailbag over the weekend. But John Clayton and Adam Schefter also answered some NFC South questions in their mailbags.

Clayton provides some interesting historical perspective on Atlanta’s trade up to get wide receiver Julio Jones in this year’s first round. Clayton compares it to 1995 when the San Francisco 49ers took a huge leap to get J.J. Stokes. Although Stokes had a decent career, he never became the player the 49ers envisioned. Part of that might have been because Terrell Owens came along and took away a lot of passes that could have gone toward Stokes.

I’ve been asked many times about the possibility of the Falcons pursuing Minnesota defensive end Ray Edwards when free agency opens. In this Insider post, Schefter gets the same question and says Edwards would be logical guy to go after, but also makes the point that much will depend on the rules of free agency. We don’t know yet if Edwards will be a restricted or unrestricted free agent.

Schefter is also asked about possible landing spots for cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. He says the favorites are in the NFC East, but he also makes mention of the Buccaneers. Don’t rule this one out. If there is a salary cap, the Bucs are going to have more cap room to work with than any team in the league. Coach Raheem Morris also has thrown out a few hints that the Bucs might be more active in free agency this year than they have been in recent years.