Mailbag: Carolina Panthers edition

Just took a look at the mailbag and it was overflowing. I’m going to go ahead and try to knock out a series of team-by-team mailbags. If I don’t get all the way through Wednesday, I’ll finish it up Thursday.

We’re going in random order and we’re going to go ahead and start with the Carolina Panthers.

Brad in Charlotte writes: With the recent acquisition of Brandon Marshall and the claim from within the Dolphins organization that they "might" get a 5th round pick for Ted Ginn, why don't the Panthers make a play for him? We do not have a 5th rounder, so why not offer our non-compensatory 6th round pick, or a combination of our 6th and 7th rounders? I am in no way saying we should trade one of our first 3 picks, but Ginn would immediately step in and be that return man we desperately need and contribute in the slot. This way we can focus on our #2 receiver early and not settle for Jacoby Ford, Armanti Edwards, Scott Long or any other speedy unproven slots at the tail end of the draft.

Pat Yasinskas: I’m with you on this one. You’re theories are all very logical. Let’s see if John Fox and Marty Hurney agree.

Joel in Endicott, N.Y., writes: You've said that Carolina wouldn't go after someone like Michael Vick or Brandon Marshall because of off-field questions. Bill Parcells was the one who got Marshall and he's all about character guys. At what point does Carolina put its pride aside and take a chance on someone who might not be the kind of guy they want but the kind of player they need?

Pat Yasinskas: Yep, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. As long as Jerry Richardson owns this franchise, the Panthers aren’t going after anyone with major off-field issues in their background. If you know anything about Richardson, you know that the man was deeply scarred by what happened with Rae Carruth and Kerry Collins in the early years of the Panthers. I’m not saying Richardson is right or wrong, but I’m just telling you his philosophy. Although some people might point at Steve Smith and say the Panthers have bent their rules for him, they haven’t bent them for anyone else. Also, I think Fox and Hurney believe strongly in that philosophy. A guy like Parcells might take a chance on a guy with issues because he has confidence that his organization might be able to keep things under control. Richardson doesn’t take chances like that.

Cory in Knoxville, Tenn., writes: If you did this and I missed it please excuse me, but what do you think Carolina would do if they had their #17 pick?

Pat Yasinskas: Good question. That pick is in the hands of San Francisco after the Panthers dealt it last year to get Everette Brown in the second round. If Carolina still had this pick, I’m guessing they would go with a defensive lineman. I’d say either Michigan defensive end Brandon Graham or Penn State defensive tackle Jared Odrick.