Reviewing the film of Friday's chat

We had our last NFC South chat for a few weeks Friday. We’ll pick it up again shortly before training camps start in late July.

You can see the complete transcript of the chat here. But here’s one quick highlight per team.

Skyrock (Burbank,Ca )I love the everything the Falcons are doing. The new regime makes me all giddy inside but I am a little concern with the DE position. If JA goes down, what's there to keep the train moving?? I like Bierman, Sidberry is up and coming, but do they have enough strong back ups from what you've seen or heard?? Is there some unknown that is waiting in the wings??

Pat Yasinskas: Not predicting anything, but keep in mind Falcons made moves late in last two preseasons to get Domonique Foxworth and Tye Hill. Possible we could see something like that with a DE this year.

Greg (Tampa)Who was the most impressive player at the bucs Mini Camp?

Pat Yasinskas: Hard to say when you've got 80 guys out there running around. But I thought (Josh) Freeman looked a lot better than last year. Liked what I saw out of Mike Williams.

Jeff (McLean VA) Pat, who takes Carolina's #1 WR reps with Steve Smith out?

Pat Yasinskas: We'll find out in camp. My guess is they'll open camp with Kenny Moore as a starter and let the rookies try to work their way up.

Lloyd (Baton Rouge, LA): Hey PY, any idea why I'm seeing A LOT of people picking the Falcons over the Saints as the division winner? I've never seen a defending champion get disrespected more than what I'm seeing towards the Saints.

Pat Yasinskas: People like to be trendy. I'm not picking against(Drew) Brees and that offense.