NFC South Tuesday mailbag

Lawrence in Baker, La., writes: Since LenDale White has been released, what are his chances of being picked up by the Saints? I think he would provide a quality boost to the Saints’ backfield and would back up Pierre Thomas nicely.

Pat Yasinskas: While it’s true the Saints lost power back Mike Bell in free agency, I think they’ve got Lynell Hamilton ticketed for that role this season. He showed some promise last year. Yes, White fits the profile of a big back. But there have been reports he faces a four-game suspension. That’s probably not going away. Whenever the Saints or anyone else signs him, White still will have to serve that suspension.

Stephen in Raleigh, N.C., writes: What do you think the chance of Charlotte getting a Super Bowl in the next 10 years are now? They cannot say it is too cold anymore. Would the Panthers need to upgrade the stadium to get the Super Bowl, or is Bank of America Stadium sufficient?

PY: Considering I lived in Charlotte for nearly nine years, I’m trying not to appear biased and hope I’m giving you a comprehensive opinion on this. I think Charlotte would make a wonderful Super Bowl host. First off, the location of the stadium is perfect. It’s in Uptown Charlotte (which would qualify as downtown in other cities) and right in the middle of everything. That kind of proximity helps tremendously with logistics. I’ve seen Charlotte on plenty of game days and, although I’m not a NASCAR fan at all, I’ve been in Uptown during race weeks and this city is set up nicely for big events. The weather used to be the main excuse, but giving New York the 2014 Super Bowl kind of eliminates that. I also know that, at least at one time, the Charlotte area didn’t meet the NFL’s minimum requirements for hotel rooms. I know several large hotels have been added in recent years, so I don’t know if that’s still an issue. Bottom line for me, I’d be happy if Charlotte got a Super Bowl.

Michael in St. Petersburg, Fla., writes: I just wanted to follow up on the fan’s question about Ronde Barber being a possible Hall of Famer. Definitely. He’s the only corner in NFL History with 20+ sacks and 20 picks. He’s been a playmaker almost his entire career, and with the distinction of the only 20/20 corner, that should be enough in my book to vote him into the HOF. Just my thoughts.

PY: You’re entitled to your opinion and I’m not saying it’s wrong. I just disagree. I think Barber’s been a very good player, but not a Hall of Famer. Just my thoughts.

Russell in Denver, N.C., writes: Jerry Richardson finally addressed the media and fans, and I understand the route they're taking with free agency and releasing players. He said it had nothing to do with the CBA. So, why not go ahead and lock up players like Richard Marshall and DeAngelo Williams? I think he only addressed half of the issues the fans have, and I think they're taking chances on players we can't afford to lose.

PY: First off, Richardson addressed the fans, not the media. The conversation was in the team’s official magazine, so it’s fair to speculate certain topics might have been off limits. But at least Richardson did address some of the questions many fans have. I disagree with him saying the labor issues aren’t factors in the team’s football decisions. He’s not paying people like Marshall or Williams big money now because he doesn’t want to give big signing bonuses as he prepares his franchise for the possibility of a lockout.

Eli in Los Angeles writes: Do you think the Falcons will be implementing Kroy Biermann into the rushing scheme some more this year, as last year he was a total beast coming off the edge when he got the chances?

PY: Yes, I do. The Falcons have to generate more of a pass rush and they didn’t really add anyone to do that in free agency or the draft. That means they’re counting on Biermann and Lawrence Sidbury to step up this year. Both players have the tools to rush the passer and they’ll get the chance to show if they can.