Mailbag: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the final stop on our tour of team-by-team mailbags.

Kyle in Orlando writes: I’m different from a lot of Bucs fans I know, but I'm not in favor of trading up to get Ndamukong Suh. We need all 10 of our picks! So if both Suh and Gerald McCoy are gone by the time our 3rd overall pick rolls around, would you see us as more likely to take Dez Bryant, Eric Berry or someone else?

Pat Yasinskas: I’m with you on not trading up. Cost would be too much in terms of both compensation and salary. I hate to speculate too much because the draft is still a long way off and we don’t know what the Rams and Lions will do with the first two picks. Also, there are a lot of individual workouts coming up that could change the order of draft boards. But let’s play your scenario with the two defensive tackles gone. I’d have to go with Berry. That’s high for a safety, but there is a need there. Bryant could end up being a great receiver, but there is baggage there. The Bucs have to nail their first pick this year and Berry probably is the safest choice -- in your scenario.

Jacob in Waterford, Mich., writes: After some thinking and seeing the Bucs first real off-season move I am leaning on this team actually having a REAL plan. Only one move but one that A: avoids any draft hurt this critical year, B: Clearly addresses the weakest spot, C: is a low risk possible high reward move. Reggie Brown probably won’t have 100 catches next year but if he has 40-50 to go along with Sammie Stroughter’s 45-55, that’s pretty good.

Scott in Cocoa Beach writes: Pat, a 6th round pick in 2011 for Reggie Brown? Really? Couldn't the Bucs have gotten him from Andy Reid for a box of chocolates and a new jump suit?

Pat Yasinskas: I’ll answer these two questions because they represent both ends of the Reggie Brown spectrum and a tip of the hat to Scott for throwing out a pretty funny line. I’ll take the middle road. Yes, Brown isn’t going to be the No. 1 receiver and probably not even No. 2. But, he wouldn’t be bad as a No. 3 receiver and I could see him producing 30 to 40 catches, if things go well. Still plenty more work to do at receiver. But this move didn’t cost much and, therefore, there’s not much risk involved.

Askia in West Lafayette, Ind., writes: With the Steelers potentially releasing Limas Sweed after the signings of Battle and Randel-El, do you think it would be smart for the Bucs to take a flier on him? I think that he has a lot of potential as a deep threat and the Bucs could certainly use one.

Pat Yasinskas: Well, we have to see if Sweed does in fact get released. But I do like your logic on this one. Josh Freeman has made it clear he wants a deep threat. Whether it’s Sweed, a free agent or someone in the draft, I’m sure the Bucs will try to give Freeman someone who at least fits the profile of a deep threat.

Jaron in Salina, Utah writes: Haven't seen much on the Bucs lately, do you think that they could potentially take a look at Jamal Williams? I know he's a NT but I know he could play in a 4-3 look also.

Pat Yasinskas: Too late. Since the time you sent the question, Williams has landed with the Broncos. But I’d be taking a look at every defensive tackle, if I were the Bucs. Even if they get one with their first-round pick, they still need at least one more to really strengthen the middle of their defensive line.