'Madden 11' likes Panthers

In Monday’s mailbag, a reader suggested a simulation of the NFC South season on "Madden NFL 11." I responded that if anyone wanted to play an NFC South season and let me know the results, I’d share them.

Well, I just opened the mailbag and Ronnie from Jacksonville, Fla., wrote to say that he played three NFC South seasons on Madden (I hope he had already played some of those games before reading yesterday’s mailbag or else he might be the fastest Madden player on earth). Anyway, Ronnie had some very interesting stuff.

In his first season, he had Carolina going 12-4, Atlanta 11-5, New Orleans 10-6 and Tampa Bay 8-8. Ronnie pointed out that Drew Brees was injured and out for three weeks.

In the second season, Atlanta and Carolina each went 11-5, while the Saints and Bucs each went 8-8.

In the third season, the Saints went 12-4, the Panthers 11-5, the Falcons 9-7 and the Bucs 7-9.

Some other notes of interest from Ronnie: Carolina’s Matt Moore had at least a 95.0 passer rating in all three seasons. And this one’s amazing -- Dwayne Jarrett topped 1,000 receiving yards in all three seasons. If John Fox is gone after this season, I’m thinking Jerry Richardson should give Ronnie a call.

A few other notes: Ronnie said Carolina, Atlanta and New Orleans all finished among the top 10 offenses in all three seasons. In each season, Tampa Bay’s Josh Freeman had at least six games where he threw for 300 yards. He also had no less than a 96.0 passer rating in each season and never threw more than 12 interceptions in a season.

Thanks to Ronnie for providing the results and for doing some excellent coaching.