Drew Brees can reverse curse, make history

We mentioned this Tuesday, but it’s worth another mention today so that we can point out Drew Brees has a chance to make history.

The New Orleans quarterback has the chance to be the first player ever to grace the cover of the “Madden NFL’’ video game two years in a row. He also has the chance to be the first player ever to be on the cover twice.

You can go here and vote for Brees. But that’s totally up to you. I know people in New Orleans can be a little superstitious and a lot of people were upset last year when Brees was chosen. People love to talk about the “Madden Curse’’ and there’s definitely been something to it through history. But I don’t think Brees really fell to the curse last season. True, the Saints didn’t repeat as Super Bowl champions.

But they still made the playoffs and Brees put up pretty big numbers. Heck, if you think Brees was a victim of history, maybe the way to reverse the curse is to make sure he gets on the cover again.

If not, you also can vote for NFC South candidates Josh Freeman, Matt Ryan and Jordan Gross.