Percy Harvin in the NFC South?

There are a lot of rumors out there that the Minnesota Vikings could be looking to trade receiver Percy Harvin.

Any time there are rumblings about a player of Harvin’s magnitude (and sometimes far less than his magnitude), the questions start coming about if he could end up with the NFC South teams.

I think we can go ahead and scratch Carolina and New Orleans off the list. The Panthers and Saints simply don’t have the salary-cap room for Harvin. You can also scratch Tampa Bay, for a different reason. Can you really see Harvin, who had issues with Leslie Frazier and Brad Childress, getting along with Greg Schiano?

But check out this Insider piece that lists the Atlanta Falcons as a potential landing spot for Harvin. In some ways, it makes sense. The Falcons are all about surrounding quarterback Matt Ryan with quality weapons and Harvin, at least in theory, would be a huge upgrade over Harry Douglas as the slot receiver and he also has return skills. The Falcons also have shown a willingness to trade for veterans in the past (see Tony Gonzalez and Asante Samuel). Atlanta also has a strong locker room and that potentially could keep Harvin from having some of the same problems he’s had in the past.

Still, I’d say Harvin to Atlanta is a long shot at best. Any team trading for Harvin likely would have to give him a big, new contract. The Falcons aren’t in horrible cap shape. But they will be attempting to re-sign potential free agents William Moore, Sam Baker and Brent Grimes. They also could bring back Gonzalez and veteran center Todd McClure.

With so much money already invested in Julio Jones and Roddy White, it’s tough to see the Falcons paying big money for another receiver. It’s also tough to imagine the Falcons, who are all about team chemistry, taking a chance on a guy who has caused some headaches in the past.