Hitting the links

Matt Williamson has some interesting looks on some offensive lines. I can’t give away the whole theme here because it’s Insider content, but he talks about the Panthers.

Matthew Berry has his top 150 fantasy players. He’s got Michael Turner and Drew Brees in his top 10. I’m not a huge fantasy guy, but I have to wonder why DeAngelo Williams isn’t in the top 10.

Football Outsiders’ Bill Barnwell looks at the highest and lowest payrolls at each position groupInsider around the league to see where that money is best spent.

From this interview with WQYK in Tampa, it sure sounds like quarterback Josh Freeman and rookie receivers Arrelious Benn and Mike Williams are developing a good rapport.

Ira Kaufman said the Bucs made the right call in selecting John McKay as the second member of their Ring of Honor. I agree completely with Kaufman, my friend and former co-worker. He’s right when he says Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp, John Lynch, Mike Alstott, Doug Williams, Ronde Barber, Hardy Nickerson and Paul Gruber will get their day. That will come over time and I think you can probably include Tony Dungy on that list. For that matter, how about Scott Milanovich, Donald Igwebuike, Mazio Rosyter and Casey Weldon?

Daniel Cox has a nice feature on Atlanta’s Christopher Owens recalling his first interception, which he took away from Terrell Owens.

Steve Reed has an update on how rookie quarterback Jimmy Clausen is progressing.