Pressure turned up on Falcons in 2012

"Mike & Mike in the Morning" talked about the Atlanta Falcons in their continuing "Two A Days" segment.

They talk about how Atlanta’s nice offensive numbers were less than the sum of their parts in 2011. They talk about how the Falcons need help on the offensive line and defensive end in the draft, but lack a first-round pick.

They also field a question on if Matt Ryan has “Peyton Manning Syndrome’’ – the ability to play well in the regular season, but go cold in the postseason. It’s a very legitimate question because Ryan has yet to win a postseason game.

They also talk about the same thing we’ve been talking about a lot here recently – how Ryan, coach Mike Smith and the rest of the Falcons face enormous pressure in 2012. That’s all very true. The Falcons have had four straight winning seasons and that’s nice.

But owner Arthur Blank has made it clear that simply getting to the playoffs isn’t good enough. He’s put a lot of money into this franchise and he expects some playoff victories and, maybe, at some point, a Super Bowl championship. If that doesn't happen, Blank is likely to lose his patience and some significant changes could be on the way.