Film of the NFC South chat

Let’s take a team-by-team look at the highlights from Friday’s NFC South chat:


CB (Charleston): I really like your idea of the Falcons going after Avril. He's young and could lock down the defense for a while. With around 20 mill in cap space right now, it seems that we have a ton of room to work with. Resign Moore and Baker - go after a CB in FA, and draft Eddie Lacy. sound good?

Pat Yasinskas: Well, it won't be a ton of cap space if they re-sign Moore, Baker and Grimes. But they could do some more restructures to free up more room. Falcons are always good for one big splash move an offseason.

Dustin (Charlotte): Is Dimitroff looking to resign Grimes or explore free agency for a new CB?

PY: I think they're at least attempting to re-sign Grimes, but have to have alternative plan in place in case he goes elsewhere.

Kyle (Atlanta): Let's say Atlanta drafts Montee Ball. Do you think that Ball would become our Feature Every Down Back behind his Wisconsin FB and C in running packages, share evenly with Rodgers, or (share but) backup Rodgers?

PY: Wouldn't have to be a feature back. Could share time with Rodgers. They're pass-first offense now. They don't need a true feature back.


katie (panther fan relocated to LA): The cornerback position is worrying me. With gamble now cut what is the possibility of getting Talib?

PY: He certainly is a talent worth considering. But I don't know if Jerry Richardson would want him.

Ben (Atlanta): Do you have any sense that Gettleman is more of a risk taker with respect to character issue players than Hurney was? If so, will that override Richardson's reputation for avoiding those types of guys?

PY: Richardson still is the owner, so I doubt things will change in that regard.

Brett (Charlotte, NC): Not a high priority position, but with Anderson as a free agent, what does Carolina do to shore up the #2 QB spot? Entrust Clausen or find a free agent with some experience?

PY: I say go with Clausen. He knows the offense. And, as long as Cam stays healthy, he'll never have to play.


Scottie (NJ): Why are the Saints switching to the 3-4? Does Sean Payton think Rob Ryan can bring back the "Dome Patrol"?

PY: It's a copy-cat league and teams have been having success with 3-4 lately. But you have to have the right personnel to pull it off.

Seth Poczatek (Green Bay WI): Ed Reed in Black and Gold? Malcolm Jenkins tweeted something about it yesterday. I see him and the corner from the steelers coming Home to the Dome! Do you?

PY: I could see Ed Reed in New Orleans. Sharper was a similar situation a few years ago and that worked out well.

Martin (Orlando): Any chance the Saints try to trade Pierre Thomas? They don't seem to have many trade-able pieces outside of him and Colston. We both know Colston isn't going anywhere.

PY: Think that's always a possibility since Saints have so much depth at RB. Plus, Pierre's good enough that there should be a market for him.


Ryan (NJ): Any new info about Revis and Tampa? I know they said they weren't going to be big spenders, but Revis is the best player at a position where the Bucs desperately need improvement on. Also, any new word on Welker?

PY: Bucs will be rumored to be interested in every big name because they have so much cap space. They won't all be true. But I expect them to make a few big moves and Revis and Welker would both make sense.

Red (NY): why haven't the bucs released wright yet?

PY: Excellent question. Simply because they don't have to. They're in good cap shape. So they can wait to see how things play out in free agency and maybe even draft. If they can't get CBs they want, they could keep Wright with a pay reduction. But I still think he'll be released in due time.

Darin (Louisville, Ky): Hey with Bowers looking at jail time and Bennett heading for the open market, do bucs offseason needs at all? Like DE....

PY: Think Bucs are fairly optimistic that Bowers will come out of that all right.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.