Survey/respected player: Falcons

When a guy misses an entire season due to neck surgery then comes back and continues to play at an elite level, he deserves nothing but respect.

Such was the case for Peyton Manning, who was voted the most respected player in a players’ poll conducted by ESPN.com. Some Falcons contributed to the vote in Manning’s favor.

Manning, who turns 38 in March, looks capable of playing into his late 40s. He doesn’t have to use his legs but can still improvise. The most dangerous weapon in his arsenal right now is his mind because he’s typically a step ahead of the competition.

I personally would have voted for Adrian Peterson because I know what it feels like to suffer a torn ACL, and Peterson’s dramatic comeback from the injury still amazes me. But it makes sense why players would hold Manning on such a pedestal.

When you’re at the top of your game for such a long time, you command respect.