Vote on nickname for Doug Martin

I asked you to offer up suggestions for a new nickname for Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie running back Doug Martin.

Your response was overwhelming. There were hundreds of suggestions to replace “Muscle Hamster," Martin’s current nickname and one he does not like.

I sorted through them all and had a pretty tough time narrowing it down to a final four. But, somehow, I did.

Let’s share them here:

  • From @Westcoastbucsfan: “Dougernaut."

  • From @DJHamiltonDJ: “Dougie Flash."

  • From @EHart1976: “The Cannonball."

  • From @Brian_S_Sommer: “Dig Dug."

I like them all and can’t really choose a favorite. That’s where you come in.

Run through the four potential nicknames for Martin and cast your vote in the accompanying poll for which one you like best.