Breaking down Mark Barron's deal

I just got a look at the full details of the contract Tampa Bay rookie Mark Barron signed Friday night.

To start with, it’s important to note the four-year deal (with a team option for a fifth season), includes no offset language. Many top picks were slow in signing as they waited to see if teams would include language that would allow them relief if a player later was released and signed by another team. The Bucs didn’t use that option and Carolina didn’t use it with No. 9 overall pick Luke Kuechly.

Barron’s deal contains $14,466,500 in guaranteed money. That includes an $8,961,092 signing bonus, although $3.5 million of that is deferred until next spring.

Barron’s base salary for this year will be the minimum ($390,000) and his cap figure will be $2.63 million. In 2013, Barron’s base salary rises to $1.05 million and his cap figure will be $3.28 million.

In 2014, Barron’s salary is scheduled to be $1.7 million and his cap figure rises to $3.945 million. In 2015, the schedule base salary is $2.36 million and the cap figure is $4.6 million.