Reviewing preseason predictions

I would not have known about this if AFC South colleague Paul Kuharsky hadn’t shared (gloated might be a better term) this note about preseason predictions. But, heck, Kuarsky’s got a right to be happy. His predictions were among the best in the business.

Mine were in the middle of the pack. You can look back at all the ESPN.com predictions and you’ll see I would have been right up there with Kuharsky if I had just done the smart thing and picked the Steelers to reach the Super Bowl or even picked any other AFC team that actually made the playoffs to reach the Super Bowl.

I can’t really remember my reasoning at the time, but I picked the San Diego Chargers to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. I also picked San Diego’s Norv Turner as Coach of the Year. As best as I can recall, I looked at the rest of the AFC West and thought it was so bad that there was no way the Chargers could underachieve. But they underachieved tremendously.

I also picked the Saints to represent the NFC and to win the Super Bowl. I recall my logic on this one clearly. No one else seemed to be giving the Saints any shot at repeating. I’m the NFC South guy, so I felt obligated to pick them and I thought they at least had a chance.

Most of you know I generally avoid predictions, and what was above might be evidence as to why I follow that route. But, since the Super Bowl is two days away, I’ll go ahead and make one more prediction.

I’ll say the Packers defeat the Steelers, 24-21. Call it a hunch that Aaron Rodgers continues to play like he’s from another world. But take that for what it’s worth.

If you want a prediction from one of the world’s elite predictors, go check what Kuharsky is saying.