Regular officials not aiding Saints, Panthers

Check out this chart colleague Mike Sando put together on the difference in the number of penalties on all 32 teams between when replacement officials were calling games and since the regular officials have returned.

It’s pretty clear the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers haven’t been helped by the return of the regular officials. Since their return, the Saints and Panthers each have averaged four more penalties per game. That ties them with Oakland for the highest average in the league.

The regular officials also have not made a positive impact for Tampa Bay. The Bucs are averaging two penalties more per game than they did when the replacements were calling games.

Although many teams are seeing their number of penalties drop (Seattle leads the league with an average of 5.8 fewer penalties) with the regular officials, the Atlanta Falcons are the only NFC South team seeing a decrease in penalties.

The Falcons averaged 4.3 penalties a game with the replacement officials and that number now has dropped to 3.3.