McKay: Falcons' PSLs will be reasonable

Personal Seat Licenses (PSLs) will be a part of the cost of the Atlanta Falcons’ proposed stadium, but the cost to fans won’t be as high as it was at some other recently opened stadiums.

That was the message from team president Rich McKay on Thursday night as he addressed fans during the team’s State of the Franchise event.

“We’ve said from the very beginning that we do believe PSLs will be part of this program,’’ McKay said. “You all know (team owner) Arthur (Blank) and what he stands for, his values and how he wants to deliver this stadium. We will not be at the levels that were done in Dallas, done in New York and done in other places. Ours will be a much more modest program.’’

McKay had a lot more to say about stadium matters, and you can check it all out in this video.