Jaws: Matt Ryan ahead of Drew Brees

In what might be a first, a member of the national media is saying Drew Brees is not the best quarterback in the NFC South.

ESPN Ron Jaworski’s countdown of the NFL’s top quarterbacks has a bit of a surprise. Jaworski ranks Brees at No. 6. He has Ryan at No. 5.

Here’s some of what Jaworski had to say about Ryan:

“Ryan had his best season in 2012. He’s now a veteran quarterback at the top of his game. Can he move up from No. 5? If he can take the Falcons a step further in the playoffs, I wouldn’t rule it out.”

And here’s some of what Jaworski said about Brees:

“In 2012, there were times Brees tried to compensate for the Saints’ historically bad defense; more downfield throws, a lower completion percentage. That does not diminish Brees’ standing as one of the elite players at the game’s toughest position.”

I’m sure this will stir up the masses in both New Orleans and Atlanta. For the record, I’ll respectfully disagree with Jaworski. I think both Ryan and Brees are elite quarterbacks.

But as evidenced by my latest NFC South Top 25 post from earlier Thursday, you’ll see I have Brees ranked ahead of Ryan. I can’t give Ryan the nod until he compiles some more postseason wins.