What if Bucs don't draft a QB?

TAMPA, Fla. -- It is widely assumed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will use the No. 1 overall pick in the draft on a quarterback.

The only question seems to be whether it will be Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota. But what if the Bucs aren’t enamored with either quarterback? What if the Bucs don’t draft a quarterback?

I think that’s unlikely, but somewhat possible. Let’s say the Bucs aren’t sold on Mariota or Winston. They could trade down a few spots or stay put. In either scenario, they would be positioned to land a pass-rusher.

Randy Gregory or Leonard Williams could make big impacts as outside rushers. And we all know the Bucs could use a strong outside rusher to pair with defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.

But, if the Bucs go the defensive end route, they wouldn’t be addressing quarterback. I don’t think going through another season with Josh McCown and Mike Glennon is something the Bucs want to do.

There is another decent option out there. In fact, it might be a better option than Mariota or Winston. St. Louis’ Sam Bradford is scheduled to become a free agent.

The Bucs could sign Bradford and then draft a pass-rusher. Bradford is a known commodity. When healthy, he’s done some good things. He already has plenty of experience and wouldn’t face a big learning curve like the rookies.

Maybe the best route for the Bucs would be to sign Bradford and draft a pass-rusher.