Monday's mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

Time for a quick trip through the mailbag as we wait for news out of the NFL owners' meeting.

Shane in Hickory, NC writes: Hey Pat, I just wanted to know if you can tell me when you guys are going to do the "On the Clock" series for the Panthers... they don't have a first rounder right now and I know that's the order they're going in, so when are we going to get it?? Thanks!

Pat Yasinskas: Hang loose just a bit. Right now, we've got the Panthers and Cowboys, who don't have first-round picks to run later in April as part of the On the Clock series. But, hey, there's always the possibility we'll have to shuffle that if the Panthers trade for a first-round pick.

Tim in MN writes: Hey Pat, I like the blog. I am wondering two things, what would you think of the Bucs getting Derek Anderson to give Luke some competition, what would they have to give up for that? Second, who are the three most likely/available DT's the Bucs could snag before the draft?

Pat Yasinskas: Let's assume that the Broncos don't trade Jay Cutler or they do, but the price tag is too steep for the Bucs. I think Cleveland, where the Browns have Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn and could shop one for trade, would be a logical spot for the Bucs to look. The price tag for one of the Cleveland quarterbacks would be a lot cheaper than Cutler. The Bucs have said all along they want competition for Luke McCown. Whether it's Cutler, Anderson, Quinn or some other quarterback, I think the Bucs will have a legitimate challenger to McCown before they go to training camp. As for defensive tackle, it sure sounds like Shaun Rogers could be available. Tank Johnson's already available. That's about it as far as "names," right now.

Sean in White Plains, NY writes: Pat - After reading your column about the Falcons options at LB, one play that you didn't mention was Robert James, who was drafted last year but didn't play due to injury. Is he another option at LB or are they waiting to see how he comes back from the injury?

Pat Yasinskas: Robert James should be in the mix for a backup job and a role on special teams. But I think Mike Peterson, Coy Wire and Stephen Nicholas are the guys the Falcons are looking at now for the starting jobs at outside linebacker.

Adam in Pensacola writes: I believe everybody will agree that the New Orleans secondary did not really do what they needed to but in their defense half of the starters were out with injuries. I believe New Orleans have the talent to have a top ten secondary so long as they stay healthy. I think they should look to trade up and maybe get Aaron Curry or Brian cushing to compliment the already talented Vilma. A lot of mock drafts have New Orleans taking cornerback. What do you think?

Pat Yasinskas: I like what the Saints have done so far with their secondary, bringing in cornerback Jabari Greer and safety Darren Sharper. I think getting some of the injured guys, like Tracy Porter, back should help a lot. I think the Saints now have the talent to have a good secondary. They still could draft a defensive back at No. 14, but they have other options and needs. I don't see them moving up in the draft, simply because they have only three other draft picks as ammunition. In fact, a trade down is more likely and that would allow the Saints to add a pick or two. If they stay at No. 14, I think a linebacker like Brian Cushing is a possibility as well as a defensive back. But don't rule out a defensive lineman or a running back.