Saints are dropping the ball

The New Orleans Saints used to have some of the most sure-handed receivers in the NFL. The roster hasn’t had a lot of turnover, but the Saints no longer are catching the ball the way they did in the past.

According to ESPN Stats & Information, the Saints are tied with the Dallas Cowboys for the league lead with 12 dropped passes.

The Atlanta Falcons are tied for No. 5 with 10 drops. The Buccaneers are tied for No. 16 with six drops and the Carolina Panthers are No. 30 with two drops.

New Orleans tight end Jimmy Graham has been the biggest offender. He’s tied for second in the league with four. Lance Moore has dropped three and Marques Colston has two.

Atlanta’s drops have been more spread out with Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez as the only guys with more than one drop. But Jones has stood out because he has four and is tied with Graham and several other players for No. 2 in the league. Gonzalez has two drops.

Rookie running back Doug Martin has been charged with three of Tampa Bay’s six drops.