Saints stay No. 32 in total defense

For the second straight week, the New Orleans Saints have the league’s worst defense.

The NFL just sent out its Week 3 statistics, which don’t include the Monday night game. The Saints are No. 32 in total defense. They’re No. 32 against the pass and No. 25 against the run.

Two other NFC South teams are faring poorly in total defense.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are No. 26 in total defense. They are No. 2 against the run, but their pass defense, which is No. 32, drags down their overall ranking.

The Carolina Panthers are No. 24 in total defense (No. 26 against the run and No. 18 against the pass).

The Atlanta Falcons are the division’s only team with a respectable defensive ranking. The Falcons are No. 13 overall (24th against the run and No. 8 against the pass).