Why moving to No. 1 won't work for Bucs

I know there are rumors and speculative reports that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are interested in moving up to the No. 1 spot in the draft.

Let’s blow this one out of the water right now.

First, even if they were interested, they wouldn’t be making a deal with St. Louis in February. The draft’s not until April, and if the Rams are going to deal the pick, it won’t come until shortly before the draft. That’s just the way it works in the NFL. Teams like to wait and explore every possible scenario.

Second, Bucs fans are the first to accuse their owners of being cheap. Do you really think the Bucs want to pay a few million more in salary by moving from No. 3 to No. 1?

Third, and this might be the most important detail of all, the numbers don’t add up. If you take a look at the trade value chart, the Bucs basically would have to give up the No. 3 overall pick and their two second-round picks to have the ammunition to do a deal. That’s three players who could be potential starters. The Bucs are quite proud of the fact they hold 10 picks, including five in the top 99, in this year’s draft. They’re not looking to subtract from that number.

There also have been some speculative reports that Tampa Bay backup quarterback Josh Johnson could be part of any deal with the Rams. Oh, like that’s going to be a deal-maker? Let’s be real honest: If you convert Johnson’s value into the trade value chart, he’s a fifth-round pick -- at absolute best. That would give the Bucs 30-some points to work with and that’s not much. They’d still have to give up significant draft picks.

Besides, the Bucs view Johnson as someone who can develop, over time, into a quality backup. They probably will bring in a veteran quarterback at some point, but I’ve heard indications they’d like to keep Johnson around as a project.