Former Bucs dominating the airwaves

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas
Back in 1997, when the Bucs were going to the playoffs for the first time in a generation, I remember doing a story for The Tampa Tribune that was centered on how popular the Packers (Tampa Bay's playoff opponent) were and how anonymous the Bucs were.

One of the facts in the story was about how many Packers had their own television or radio shows. I can't remember the exact number, but I'm pretty sure it was in the teens. I do remember precisely the number of Bucs who had their own show. It was one -- linebacker Hardy Nickerson, who had a local radio show.

Today's news that John Lynch will broadcast Tampa Bay preseason games and Tony Dungy will be a studio analyst for NBC is further evidence of how far the Bucs have come in a little over a decade. Look at the television or listen to the radio and former Bucs are all over the national -- and local -- scene.

Besides Lynch and Dungy, Jon Gruden, Keyshawn Johnson, Warren Sapp and Trent Dilfer are on the national stage. Ian Beckles and Dave Moore do local radio and I'm probably -- inadvertently -- leaving out some other guys. Oh, can't forget Brad Culpepper, whose law firm ads are all over the local airwaves and on billboards.

Seems like only a matter of time before some former Buc gets his own reality show. Some possibilities: "Dropping Passes with Reidel Anthony and Jacquez Green," "Manicuring with Alvin Harper," "Deep Thoughts with Jim Pyne" or "Adventures in Boating with Tyji Armstrong."