Who Dat families taking over Miami

MIAMI -- Thought you might enjoy a little behind-the-scenes atmosphere from the Super Bowl.

Although much of the hoopla, including the Colts’ team hotel and NFL headquarters, is in Fort Lauderdale, the Saints are staying in Miami. They’re staying at a downtown Miami hotel and working out at the University of Miami.

The media is not allowed to stay at the Saints’ hotel. Neither are the families of the players. I’m about a mile up the road from their hotel and, by coincidence, this is the same hotel where the Saints’ families are staying. I believe they arrived last night, but I just took a walk down to the gift shop to get some cough medicine and it was real easy to pick out the families of the Saints.

They’re the ones all dressed up in the high-quality Saints memorabilia. Several families were at the Super Bowl souvenir stand in the lobby and I’m almost certain I saw the parents of rookie punter Thomas Morstead -- at least they were the same people I saw hugging him in a Superdome hallway moments after the NFC Championship Game.