Undrafted free agents have to wait

The Monday after the NFL draft usually is a day in which teams spend signing dozens of undrafted free agents. It’s not going to happen on schedule this year because of the lockout.

But, whenever there is labor piece or an end to the lockout, you can bet teams will move quickly to sign a bunch of players who were not drafted. Anticipating this type of scenario, NFL teams talked to agents for players who might go undrafted throughout the past few months. Many teams made it very clear to the agents they’d be interested in certain players if they went undrafted.

I know former Southern California and Cincinnati receiver Vidal Hazelton has been told the Atlanta Falcons might have some interest in adding him if he wasn’t drafted elsewhere. Hazelton, who is coming off a major knee injury, wasn’t drafted. The Falcons added Julio Jones in the first round, so that may lessen their need at receiver. But they still could look at Hazelton as a backup or special-teams player and other teams may have him on their lists.

He and a lot of other players will be waiting, but teams seem ready to scoop them up as soon as the rules allow.

Here’s a list of some of the top undrafted players.