Bonus mailbag: Falcons

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas
Here's a bonus edition of the Atlanta Falcons mailbag, since today's earlier version led to many more questions.

Andrew in Alpharetta writes: I'm concerned about the Falcons size at DB. Who do you see manning up on bigger receivers, like Colston, Jarrett / Muhammad, Clayton / other buc 6'5 receivers?

Pat Yasinskas: Chris Houston and rookie safety Will Moore are the two guys that have the size to do it, so they're the logical candidates. The other thing that would help would be getting a pass rush beyond John Abraham.

Mark in Hegins, PA writes: Pat, I know that Atlanta gave away their 2nd round pick next year to KC. Any thoughts on if Atlanta gives away next years 1st round pick to bring in Peppers?

Pat Yasinskas: I wouldn't count on Atlanta making any play for Julius Peppers. First, I don't think general manager Thomas Dimitroff would give up a first-round pick. Second, I don't think the Panthers want to trade Peppers to a division opponent.

Blake from Athens writes: Pat, I keep hearing that Jamaal Anderson is going to have his breakout year this season! I love Chuck Smith, but Ray Hamilton said the same thing before the start of last season! So, do you think JA has really made progress and if so are the Falcons really going to let him start? I don't understand why they paid Chauncey Davis starter money if they planned to keep him as a rotational player.

Pat Yasinskas: I respect the wisdom of Smith and Hamilton. I still think there's an opening for Anderson to emerge. The guy does have physical skills. But this clearly is a make-or-break season for him. If he doesn't have a good training camp and preseason, the Falcons won't hesitate to start Davis.

Neil in Nebraska writes: Hey Pat great job read your stuff every week, how many of the falcons rookies would you project to start right away and who would you project to start at ss if Moore isn't ready?

Pat Yasinskas: I'm thinking Peria Jerry starts at defensive tackle and Moore at strong safety. If Moore's not ready, Thomas DeCoud is the other option.