Breaking down Drew Brees' cap figures

Andrew Brandt gave a very thorough breakdown of Drew Brees’ new contract last week. He covered all the big spots and I just got a look at the full contract details, so let’s touch on a few minor things here.

First off, Brees can earn a little pocket change in a way he wasn’t able to this year. He didn’t take part in the team’s offseason program as the contract was getting worked out. But each year going forward, Brees can earn a $250,000 workout bonus for taking part in the offseason program.

Brees’ cap figure for this season will be $10.4 million and that gives the Saints some room to make some moves in the preseason. But Brees’ cap figure isn’t nearly as generous in the future and the Saints are going to run into problems with keeping their own free agents and bringing in players from the outside. In 2013, Brees' cap figure escalates to $17.4 million and jumps to $18.4 million in 2014.

But the real big issues might not come until the last two years of the deal. In 2014, Brees will count $26.4 million against the cap. In 2015, his cap figure jumps to $27.4 million.

It also is important to note the deal contains no offset language. That means, in the unlikely event Brees is released, the Saints don’t get any relief if he signs with another team.