Healthy Andre Ellington should make Cardinals' 53-man roster; position might not matter

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Of the three options presented, the last is the least likely to happen unless Andre Ellington suffers another injury. Otherwise, it’s safe to say he’ll end up on the Arizona Cardinals' roster.

What position he plays is, I think, yet to be seen.

Here’s what’s been established: Ellington, a running back for the past four seasons, was moved to wide receiver, coach Bruce Arians said during the NFL annual meetings in March.

Here’s what’s also been established: Arians said earlier this week that Ellington has been going back and forth from the wide-receivers room to the running-backs room, which leaves the door open for Ellington to play either or both positions.

Moving Ellington to receiver made total sense. With David Johnson healthy, Ellington’s touches were limited last season and could further diminish in 2017 if he stays at running back. Also, Ellington is dynamic -- maybe one of the most dynamic players, if not the most, on the Cardinals’ roster -- which makes him valuable to Arians as both a receiver and a running back. Once Ellington hits a burst, he's hard to catch. We’ve seen that throughout his career.

Ellington is the type of player Arians covets because the coach can use him in a slew of situations and positions.

So, to answer the question, I see Ellington making the team. Where? It might not matter because he’ll be used all over the field.