Personnel report: One more look at 49ers

The 49ers' approach on offense has stood as a primary NFC West storyline in recent weeks.

After touching on some of the issues Monday morning, I'll make available for download a full personnel report.

This file breaks down every play the 49ers have run this season, with charts summarizing their production across situations. Curious to see how the team has attacked various down-and-distance situations? It's all there for you to sort and analyze.

I'll offer similar files for the other NFC West teams once I finish them.

49ers personnel report: Week 12

The 49ers did not need much from their running game to beat the Jaguars, 20-3, at Candlestick Park. A few well-timed strikes in the passing game sustained touchdown drives as the team worked primarily from its one-back offense featuring tight ends Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker. The chart breaks down production across all personnel groups.