Seahawks, Rams pretty much even?

The Seahawks have defeated the Rams 10 times in a row, but the gap is apparently closing.

"It's always a tough one to swallow when you feel like it's two even opponents playing a tough football game," Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo told reporters Monday.

Do you see the Seahawks and Rams as pretty much even?

"If you would have said that our defense was going to hold Seattle to 265 (yards) total, a quarterback rating of 65 (percent), and 95 yards passing, I would have said that was going to be pretty good," Spagnuolo said, "but you got to stop them from running the football. I credit Seattle in that regard."

I thought the Rams were going to win one of their last couple games, but that was before they lost Marc Bulger, Mike Karney, Jason Brown and Jason Smith, with Steven Jackson playing through back trouble. The Seahawks will almost certainly finish this season stronger, in my view.