Fantasy Roundtable: Expectations for Fitz

Count ESPN's Matthew Berry among those expecting a 2013 statistical rebound for Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

2008-12 Fitzgerald Fantasy Points

Berry makes his case in the video above. Not everyone on the ESPN fantasy panel is sold, but Berry's reasoning is sound.

Just about everything fell apart for the Cardinals' offense last season. Before then, Fitzgerald had remained highly productive even when the team's quarterback play suffered, including when he finished the 2010 season with 90 receptions for 1,137 yards.

However, Fitzgerald's total for receiving touchdowns fell off pretty quickly once Kurt Warner retired following the 2009 season. Fitzgerald had 25 touchdowns over the 2008 and 2009 seasons. He has 18 touchdowns over the subsequent three seasons, including a career-low four last season.

We should expect Fitzgerald's total for touchdowns to grow almost by default. Improved quarterback play and better overall health on offense should also contribute to a statistical rebound for Fitzgerald.